Our fundamental difference is that we focus on learning through doing.
As a Certified BreakthroughCo Partner - we focus on equipping managers with the skills they need, when and where they are needed.
Your people learn from each other, their managers, and most importantly, from practicing and reflecting on their own experience in their work.

Every. Single. Day
Management training 2.0
Effective training has learning that’s interactive, relevant to the work, minimises time away and provides continual professional development

With just 2 hours invested per month, managers apply the new skills at work as they learn.

The Active Learning System blends online and in-person learning to achieve real behaviour change on a continuous monthly cycle to reinforce and apply knowledge every day.

Each month participants will:

– Undertake 20-30 mins of online learning -anywhere, any time, on any device

– meet with their leader for 15 mins to review their learning and plan for application

– meet with their co learners and partner coach for 60 mins in a facilitated session to review and share the learning

There is no time away from the workplace, it’s all done while staff stay on the job.
Active learning explained in under 2 minutes....
Who is this for?
Ideally you have between 50-1600 employees.
The training works best for:
  • Emerging talent, Future leaders
  • Team leaders, Supervisors, Front line managers
  • Managers and their Leaders
  • Senior leadership teams
Our Programs
Active Manager -- Active Contributor -- Active Team Leader

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Why use us to help deliver?
This is where we excel - getting the best from people. Expert facilitation and passionate about improving people and business
  • Expert facilitators
    We have been doing this for a long time. From leadership training, to strategic creative workshops, to mental health training to private mentoring sessions.
  • We understand business
    We have come from industry, understand that the most important investment for any business is in their people - as long as it gets actioned!
  • We did it ourselves
    When first seeing the program and doing it - we went "wow! how can we do this?"
    We signed up to be a partner and deliver this program as we really believe in the outcomes.
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