Take a walk...

Explore difference - find your delta and Grow

We help transform people and businesses
We help transform people and businesses
With the wisdom and experience gained from a life time managing businesses
practicing neuroscience, mentoring, communication and leadership, we support organisations and individuals looking to improve and grow
across business, relationships, money, health and well-being

Silver - the sparkle, the financial, the solidity and the opportunity and

Walk - the journeys we take - the learning, perspectives, experiences and adventure.

Who are we?

Mike Silverman and Gary Walker have been around the block - our silver hair (well Gary still has some left) will tell you that.

We've combined the best of what we've done over 100+ years of life experience as well as a blend of our names to create 'A SilverWalk' - our place to share our journeys for businesses and people

What we do
We help transform people and businesses.
Coaching and training in creative thinking, active leadership development, persuasive communication leading to greater organisational health.

Delta Thinking Workshops

Stuck? Using your current thinking to find growth? Looking to generate original ideas to solve open-ended problems.

Let us help you inspire your team with creative thinking workshops. Together, we'll maximise ideas - where next, what more, what to stop and create an action plan.

Our Delta Thinking, Ideation Workshops are the most Creative way to achieve strategic team building, maximise ideas and explore growth - oh, and they're a whole lot of fun.

Active Management Program

Want to train your people without taking them away from the office?

Our Active Leadership Programs are the best way to enhance the leadership abilities of your people. Delivered at their desks, with accountability and mentorship for only 2 hours a month focusing on your real issues.

By focusing on what matters and using real world learning, coaching and peer support, we help you create a human-centred approach to your peoples' personal development.

StorySelling Workshops

Struggling to get your message across?

We help develop Communication & Leadership skills to powerfully share your ideas. Learn to become a first class communicator to deliver persuasive storytelling, improved presentations and talk with clarity and purpose to your customers, investors and within your teams.

Speaking power aka StorySelling is a vital element for personal and business growth and better communication outcomes.

What is Delta?
This is an impossible image  - sometimes change is hard to imagine!
When we change - we grow, when we grow we change...
Apart from being the 4th letter of the greek alphabet, Delta is the part that grows through change. Other definitions include:
  • The set of differences between two versions
  • A landform at the mouth of a river as it empties into a body of water.
  • The rate of change in an option value with respect to the underlying asset's price
  • A small but noticeable effect
  • The closed figure produced by connecting three coils or circuits successively
  • A military unit equivalent to a USAF operations wing
  • A star that is usually the fourth

It is often denoted by the symbol Δ - a change in a quantity, likely from "d" for "difference".

Why choose us?
We provide integrated training for personal and business from Persuasive Communication through Ideation and Leadership Development, delivered virtually and through face to face workshops
  • Wisdom and experience gained from the university of life
    Whilst we have 'been there, done that', we embrace the potential of accountability, mentoring and clarity of outcomes to support your journey
  • We help people tap into their natural talents and their own particular genius
    Each one of your team is in the right seat, right? Are they all delivering their best and doing work they love to give you the best?
  • Fun, practical sessions with no theory/psychobabble
    Blah blah blah....  learning does not need to be boring, we push, we prod we find out what moves the dial .
  • The SilverWalk Organisational Temperature (SWOT)
    Our bespoke program helps measure and monitor your organisational health across people, processes, potential and communication; then improve it.
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A few of our clients across our Speakership programs, Leadership training and Creative workshops

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