We'll transform you into an authoritative, compelling, entertaining, persuasive speaker and presenter
Be compelling
Get a persuasive message/pitch across to attract customers in the most compelling way

Do you have a fear of/lack of confidence speaking in public?
Do you know the 4 skills of a good speaker?
Why StorySelling?
Storytelling is powerful. When we tell stories in a structured impactful way to inform, entertain or persuade its called 'StorySelling'

Learn and improve social & personal communication, present better, tell better stories and be more confident at social and work gatherings.
Whatever the challenge, the programs will improve your storyselling.
Business: presentations, group discussions, business meetings, pitches, employment interviews)
Personal: weddings & events, groups, charity and volunteering, socials

"We all have a natural ability to connect, yet so many of us shy away from the spotlight as we hold a fear that feels insurmountable."

— Bob Dylan

Often it is said the fear of public speaking is one of our top 3 fears....
The ability to speak better, confidently, persuasively and effectively is a crucial skill to improve communication, connection & relationships. Understand mindset, structure, voice and non-verbal communication - and present your message better – both at work and personally.
Speeches, presentations, pitches, selling ourselves.... have more impact, provide more powerful outcomes, and, of course ..........entertain.

What you will learn

Speaking freely in front of a large amount of people
You need to learn how to manage your fears, expectations, sense of the moment. Our teachers will teach you techniques of concentration, which will help to build an exciting story and keep the audience.
OUTCOMES: Engagement, audience-centric, connection, eye-contact, rapport

How to influence your audience
Depending on your goals at the performance, you can control the attention of others with your voice, facial expressions, gestures, tactics. Our teachers will teach you how to use different resources to influence the audience.
OUTCOMES: Voice projection, range, tonality, pace, volume. body language

How to defend your ideas at meetings and interviews
This is very important for business meetings, when making deals, even during an interviews. Learn to speak confidently, navigate the context quickly, stay concentrated in an unfamiliar situation.
OUTCOMES: Content structure, key elements, emphasis. 4 key steps

“People may forget what you said,
people may forget what you did,
but they will never forget…...
how you made them feel”
Course Overview
  • 4 key elements to great speaking
    • Mindset - intention/outcomes
    • Connection - rapport/trust
    • Content - Structure, impact
    • Delivery - voice, gestures, pause
  • Clear and powerful process
    • Strong confident opening
    • Key markers, lines, time points
    • Finishing well
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Confidence triggers
    • Creating calm
    • Projecting and protecting your voice
Our Plans
These courses provide different outcomes with the basics and then true storytelling with practice.
You provide the venue, we'll bring the expertise and the fun!
*Prices exc GST . additional fees may apply for costs or travel outside of Auckland
Introduction to Persuasive Communication
3 hour workshop
Advanced Communication
4x 2.5hr sessions
Our Clients Love Us
  • "I would fully recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their spoken skills. Giving speeches in a supportive environment has really helped to build my confidence – I’ve learned a lot about myself and learned a lot from my fellow speaking students.”
    Fully Recommended
    John K (T&T)
  • "Powerful and concise. I loved the confidence trigger"
  • "We asked Gary to deliver to our new teaching staff and we got way more than we expected. They are so ready to go now!!
    Exactly what we wanted
    Jasmine (Esak Garcia)
  • Gary taught the memory technique to learn content which was my biggest fear.
    Improved my memory!
  • "The eye-zoom and other connection practices really makes me be more aware of the audience and what they want and respond to!"
    Great tips and tricks!
  • “Great supportive environment to get comfortable and learn about crafting and presenting speeches”
    Supportive environment
    Nicola R
  • “Superb course for upping your speaking game and growing confidence.”
    Growing confidence
    Kate B (T&T)
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