Your senior leadership team owns all the problems
Working with your team, identifying your key sticky issues, expanding thinking to help solve them, creating action plans
Delta thinking builds teams and makes this happen
“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
- Albert Einstein
With powerful questions, we guide you through your thought process and decision making options using
'Delta Thinking',

Helping you see your problem and think about your business differently.

Generating original ideas to solve open-ended problems, find what's not working well within your business and move it.

The key result will help connect your ideas with actions and team buy-in

is the ability
to adapt to change"
- Stephen Hawking
Delta thinking is a methodology for creative structured thinking (helping you think outside the box) - resulting in powerful new key ideas, a strong vision and concrete actions
The process will help you open possibility, change gears on thinking and adapt to new ideas.

Here's how we do it
During our workshop - we will take you on a journey so your team can see differently and make intelligence change actions.
  • Connect as a team
    Its vital to know who your team is, build trust, tell stories and find and appreciate differing points of view
  • Throw away your old 'dud' thinking
    Let’s look at your thought process, and then kick it up a few notches!
  • Active team brainstorming
    We show you how to create a mass of new ideas to get the business humming.
    Learn what ‘Build It-Break It-Rebuild It’ is, and how to apply this incredible brainstorming technique to maximise even the smallest idea.
  • Find your greatest idea, and do it!
    Identifying the best option is an important team decision. That way you get buy-in and progress. Our technique ensures you have a plan ready to action so you can succeed!
  • Walk out with ideas, and ongoing thinking
    Action plans, committed engaged team, with ongoing delta-thinking sessions ahead!
Problem Solving Workshop
Example workshop process: Getting to the basic issue, ideation and key outcome opportunities with actions

We promise that at least once during the workshop, you'll have an



Ideas and clarity will flow like water.

What our clients say about us
  • Your programme had a massive impact, it has transformed us. It gives us stretch, simplicity, action, speed… and results we’re not getting any other way. And now we see it spreading across the business.
    Christina Habib
    Global VP, Unilever
  • Great course facilitators that explained the methodology well, and an interesting process to challenge your thinking with good templates to refer to.

    Clint James
    Director, Maintain to Profit
  • Your programme challenged us as a Board - we learned to think in new ways

    Deputy Chair
    UK Public Sector
  • We can apply Delta thinking moving forward on the business to generate serious change. Gary is a legend, this will drive serious change and actions in our team

  • Mike was a great presenter. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and pushed us to think in a different way. We left the session with a newfound enthusiasm and motivation to incorporate more blue sky thinking and actionable tools on how we could do that. Thanks Mike, it was a lot of Fun!
    David Carroll GM
    Occupational Health Care

Workshop Pricing
Challenge your thinking, create ideas and solve issues with actions
Includes pre-session work, 3 hour workshop session and review.

In this active Part 1 session you challenge your Team and come up with multiple ideas, growth strategies and changed thinking.

Find the priorities for growth and take them back for planning and action steps.
Includes all templates as needed.
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A full day workshop incorporating Part 1 ideation.

Part 2 of the workshop - supports the preparation of an action plan from the outcomes in Part 1.
You also learn to instill regular Delta thinking sessions into your planning processes and methods .

Includes Post session follow up
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