DELTA THINKING will make you think about your business differently.

Generating original ideas to solve open-ended problems, find what's not working well within your business and change it.

Converting ‘dud thinking’ into ‘DELTA THINKING’.

And giving your new ideas the power of action!

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know…
With powerful questions, we guide you through your thought process and decision making options using
'Delta Thinking',

Helping you see your problem differently.

The key result will help connect your ideas with actions and positive intelligent change.

What is 'Delta Thinking?'
is the ability
to adapt to change"
- Stephen Hawking
Delta thinking is a methodology for creative structured thinking (helping you think outside the box) - resulting in powerful new key ideas, a strong vision and concrete actions
The process will help you open possibility, change gears on thinking and adapt to new ideas.

What we do
Here's how we do it
As changemakers - we will take you on a journey so your team can see differently and make intelligence change actions.
  • Throw away your dud thinking
    Let’s look at your thought process, and then kick it up a few notches!
  • Active team brainstorming
    We show you what ‘Build It-Break It-Rebuild It’ is, and how to apply this incredible brainstorming technique to maximise even the smallest idea.
  • Find your greatest idea, and do it!
    Identifying the best option is an important team decision. Our technique ensures you have a plan ready to action so you can succeed!
Autonomous Brain



Regular Patterns

Normal Cog Activity

Delta Brain


New Unlocked Thinking

Different Perspective


Problem Solving Workshop
Example workshop process: Getting to the basic issue, ideation and key outcome opportunities with actions

What our clients say about us

Workshop Pricing
Challenge your thinking, create ideas and solve issues with actions
Includes pre-session work, 3 hr workshop session and review.

Through this active Part 1 session you challenge thinking, come up with multiple ideas and growth strategies and changed thinking.

Find the priorities for growth and take them back for planning and action steps
Includes all templates as needed
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A full day workshop incorporating Part 1 ideation

Part 2 of the workshop - supports the preparation of an action plan from the outcomes in Part 1.
You also learn to instil regular Delta thinking sessions into your own planning processes and methods to be accountable

Includes Post session follow up
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