Become an authoritative, compelling, entertaining speaker & presenter

  • People fear speaking in public
    Fear of death is 7th, fear of spiders is 2nd - guess what the number 1 fear is!
  • People lack confidence
    We all get butterflies in our stomach when speaking in public - we'll help you make them fly in formation
  • People don't know how to defend their ideas at meetings and interviews
    Storyselling in a structured impactful way to inform, entertain or persuade is the answer
  • Content or structure - where to start?
    Do you have great content ? Unsure of delivery?
    Or are you confident and want the content to be more persuasive?
Our powerful 4x4 speakership skill program
  • Mindset
    How our attitude affects everything. Build confidence and see the final outcome BEFORE stepping out in front of people.
  • Connection
    Building a relationship with your audience, reading feedback and delivering. Understanding signals, outcomes and build rapport.
  • Content
    Answering the what, why, when and what-if, tying loops together, memorising sections and ensuring all communication styles are covered.
    Using persuasive neuroscience based language.
  • Delivery
    • Vocal projection, variety & clarity
    • Body Language - movement to help and hinder
    • Energy and confidence
    • Filler word removal (um/ers) and power of pause
  • Practice the Art of Speaking
    You will emerge as masters in the art of speaking with confidence, structure, using your voice and body language to clearly get your presentation, message or story across with persuasive communication
  • Learn Story Telling & Story Selling

    When we tell stories in a structured impactful way to inform, entertain or persuade we help transform the audience and receptivity
  • Communication and Leadership
    You will learn and improve business, social & personal communication, present better, tell better stories and be more confident in business meetings, client pitches and presentations as well as social and work gatherings and be transformed as an admired Leader
1 speak freely in front of an audience need to manage your fears, expectations and sense of the moment. We will teach you concentration techniques to help build an exciting story and keep the audience engaged and interested.

OUTCOMES: Engagement, audience-centric, connection, eye-contact, rapport
... to influence your audience
... control the attention of others with your voice, facial expressions, gestures and tactics.
People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see and 50% of what they see and hear.

OUTCOMES: Voice projection, range, tonality, pace, volume. body language
3 defend your ideas with authority
...when making deals, having business meetings and presentations, even interviews. We will teach you to speak with authority and confidence, navigate the context quickly and stay focused in unfamiliar situations.

OUTCOMES: Content structure, key elements, emphasis. 4 key steps
The Best Communication Has a Narrow Focus
Every sentence in Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech works toward this goal by examining positive outcomes of eliminating racism. By narrowing the focus of a speech, you will stay on point and give your audience the most information about one specific topic.
  • Maya Angelou

    “People may forget what you said,
    people may forget what you did,
    but they will never forget…...
    how you made them feel”
  • Winston Churchill

    “The difference between mere management and true leadership is communication”
  • Albert Einstein

    "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler"

  • Martin Luther King

    King uses the rhetorical devices of personification, metaphor, and symbolism in his "I Have a Dream" speech. By doing so, he persuades his readers to the cause of social justice and racial equality during the Civil Rights Movement.