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Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker to elevate your next event? Gary and Mike are seasoned professionals with a passion for inspiring and empowering audiences. With years of experience and a deep understanding of what drives success, Gary and Mike are the perfect choice for your keynote, seminar or workshop.
  • Why Choose Gary?
    Gary is a business entrepreneur & mentor, a master NLP coach, Toastmaster and has been running and facilitating workshops and training for many years. He currently delivers Mental Health First Aid training to corporates and the community. He is a leading expert on Mental Wellbeing.

  • or Mike?
    As well as his formidable list of business achievements, Mike’s international experience - he set up the television of Virgin for Richard Branson among many other things - has honed his skill for empowering people, growing businesses and improving performance.

    His passion for personal and professional growth feeds into his dedication to helping people by educating, entertaining and informing them.
  1. Inspiring Storyteller Gary weaves compelling stories with powerful lessons that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. His storytelling entertains and provides actionable insights that attendees can apply in their personal and professional lives.
  2. Expertise Across Multiple Domains Whether your event focuses on leadership, motivation, personal development, or business strategies, Gary's diverse expertise ensures he delivers content that is both relevant and impactful. His knowledge spans various industries, making his talks adaptable and insightful for any audience.
  3. Engaging and Interactive Gary believes in more than just talking to an audience; he engages with them. His interactive style encourages participation, fosters a sense of community, and ensures that every attendee feels involved and inspired.
  4. Customized Presentations Understanding that no two events are the same, Gary works closely with event organizers to tailor his presentations to meet the specific needs and goals of your event. This personalized approach guarantees that his message resonates deeply with your audience.
  5. Proven Track Record With numerous successful events and glowing testimonials from satisfied clients, Gary's reputation speaks for itself. His ability to connect with audiences and deliver memorable experiences has made him a sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate events, and educational seminars.

1. Engaging Storyteller: Mike likes to weave compelling narratives that ensures your audience will be hooked from the first word to the last. His stories are not just heard – they are felt, making a lasting impact on all who listen.
2. Versatile Speaker: Whether it’s a corporate event, a conference, a seminar, or a special celebration, Mike’s versatility allows him to tailor his content to suit the occasion. He effortlessly blends humor, insight, and practical takeaways, making every event a unique experience.

3. Interactive and Fun: Mike’s interactive speaking style involves the audience, creating a lively and participatory atmosphere. His quick wit and charming demeanour ensure that everyone is engaged and having a great time.
4. Inspiring and Motivational: Mike’s speeches are not just about entertainment – they are about inspiring action and change. He shares powerful lessons and motivational insights that resonate deeply, encouraging audiences to pursue their passions and overcome challenges.

5. Professional and Reliable: With years of experience under his belt, Mike is a consummate professional. From the initial booking to the final applause, you can count on him to deliver a seamless and successful event.

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Don't miss the opportunity to bring one of these extraordinary speakers to your next event - or maybe both! Their expertise, passion, and engaging style will ensure your event is a memorable success. They will deliver a performance that will leave your audience talking about it for years to come.

Contact us now to secure your date and ensure an unforgettable experience with Gary and/or Mike at the helm. Let’s make your event the highlight of the year!

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Phone: Gary: 021 657 836  Mike: 022 350 9299
Elevate your event with Gary and/or Mike – where inspiration meets action.

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What our audiences say about our speaking
Jane Doe
Corporate Event Organiser
"Gary's presentation was a game-changer. His insights on leadership and motivation were not only inspiring but also practical. Our team left feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges."
John Smith
Conference Planner
Gary's ability to connect with our audience was remarkable. His stories were relatable, and his advice was actionable. We couldn't have asked for a better keynote speaker."
Sarah K
Corporate Event Planner
"Mike’s energy is infectious! He had our entire team laughing, thinking, and motivated to take on new challenges. Highly recommended!"
John D
"We’ve had many speakers over the years, but Mike stands out as one of the best. His stories were engaging, his humour spot-on and his message truly inspiring."
Lisa M
Seminar Coordinator
"Mike brought a fresh and exciting perspective to our seminar. The audience was captivated and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Can’t wait to have him back!"