A Silver Walk

The 7 most important questions to ask yourself

Live each day as though today is your last day

the wheels fall off on our journey sometimes…..
In a conversation with a work colleague yesterday – we discussed why we push ourselves so hard to get things done.
He quoted from a hindu story about the 7 most important questions

The fact of the matter is simple – we are all transitory in this life – we are all going to move on from this place to wherever. Most live lives as though there is no end to the current human experience of average 76 years and let the days go. The truth is that you can go at anytime – there is no guarantee of 76 or longer…

So we could try to make it there by a strict regimen of ‘cotton-wool’ living

You can help by eating right (a healthy body and no food poisoning = living longer), never driving (statistics), never travelling (flying and falling off tourist viewpoints) and staying on the couch

Or go the reverse and give in to impending demise of our mortal coil and work hard on being ‘out of it’ – always looking outside ourselves for our ‘high’ extreme risks continuously, perpetual alcohol or substance abuse , no care attitude – only about us….

In truth we seem to do a combination of the above and end up a couch potato, doing the same things over and over, eating bad and thinking we are living…

The question most often asked of coaches, ministers, gurus and guides as to why we exist
What is my special purpose?
For it is when we have no purpose – we get onto the treadmill of life each day and get off when we sleep

The easy way out would be to ask each morning – “if today was my last day – what would I want to do?

If truth be told – we would want to have specifics on the the ‘last day part’ i.e “will it be at midnight tonight or what time is my demise. ?”
and then perhaps we would all give up our jobs, go crazy and do as much as we can to fit into that day all the items on our bucket list, call our loved ones, eat like crazy and watch that clock until ‘D-Time’

The truth is.. there is no special purpose

The truth is - there is no "special purpose, however my definition is
to do whatever we are doing - with purpose
So do that.

oh yes - the seven questions to ask yourself is to remind you of what it means to be a wonderful soul experiencing life in our mortal body...

Ask yourself daily
"How can I...
  1. Be nice to people
  2. be aware
  3. communicate better with loved ones
  4. help others
  5. say YES to experiences and NO to things that waste my time
  6. eat healthy and right and take care of my body
  7. become aware of the beauty around you
Just be grateful, look at the world around you with awe and do that with purpose
It may be your last day after all.....
Wonderful Life