We call ourselves 'Architects of Better'

We know you're good at what you do but we also know you can be better; much better.

As Architects of Better we have created and designed programs to show you how to build, plan and implement your transformation.

Your outcomes will be better thinking, better leadership development, better communication;

a better you and a better Company .

Silver - the sparkle, the financial, the solidity and the opportunity and

Walk - the journeys we take - the learning, perspectives, experiences and adventure.

Mike Silverman and Gary Walker have been around the block - our silver hair (well Gary still has some left) will tell you that.

We've combined the best of what we've done over 100+ years of life experience (as well as a blend of our names) to create 'SilverWalk' - our place to share our journeys for businesses and people

  • Architect of Better - Communication and Leadership
    Mike Silverman
    A seasoned international leader with 38+ years of experience in the always competitive media broadcast industry, his career has taken him from co-founding Carlton Television (now ITV) to being personally head-hunted by Richard Branson to manage the television division of the Virgin Group. He achieved success as CEO of Corinthian Television, securing a ground-breaking £150 million contract with The Walt Disney Company.
    As well as his formidable list of business achievements, Mike’s international experience has honed his skill for empowering people, growing businesses and improving performance. His passion for personal and professional growth feeds into his dedication to helping people through management training and best practice governance.
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  • Architect of Better - Behaviour Change
    Gary Walker
    A change behaviour specialist with a BSc and background of psychology, neuroscience and strategic leadership. He is an alumni of the Institute for Strategic Leadership
    Through many senior corporate management and government roles - the effort has always been on more persuasive communication, behaviour change & better thinking.
    In spite of all the business delivery and projects driven - Gary has always had a fascination for the mind-body connection and the connection between how we think and our results.

    Gary is a business entrepreneur & mentor, a master NLP coach, toastmaster and has been running and facilitating workshops and training for many years.
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